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Charter of Christian Freedom:

A Layperson’s Study Guide to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians


The apostle Paul’s Letter to the Galatians has had a deep impact on Christian theology and practice, far beyond its short length. It has inspired great Christian thinkers; it also sparked reform movements.

Its message, however, can be hard to follow for the average reader. This study guide opens up the message of Galatians to people without a theological education and for Bible study teachers and working pastors.

Explaining the background from which Paul is writing, Gordon clarifies the flow of Paul’s argument so the average reader can grasp its revolutionary import. Paul’s letter sparked a revolution in the author’s own spiritual life. This study guide can help do that for others as well.

Available for order from the website of Wipf and Stock Publishers

What Others Are Saying About Charter of Christian Freedom

Gordon Lindsey’s knowledge of Scripture is breathtaking. His ability to bring it to life is on full display in this wonderful treatise that reads like a novel. . . . I predict this book will become a staple in Bible study leaders’ and preachers’ libraries, not just on the shelf, but open again and again, unpacking the gems hidden in one of Paul’s most important letters.

—William J. Carl III, Retired President of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 

Bible study for adults is often an uphill climb. Teaching a Bible study for adults is equally arduous. Often there simply isn’t material accessible to lay readers. Fortunately Lindsey has given us a lively and insightful guide to the Letter to the Galatians. He brings a lifetime of teaching experience to his examination of Galatians—the short but enormously powerful ‘charter of Christian freedom.’ Spoiler alert: this book can change your life.

—John M. Mulder, former President, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; Co-author of 28 Hymns to Sing Before You Die and 28 Carols to Sing at Christmas

Charter of Christian Freedom provides an accessible primer into the ways the Christian communities in Galatia struggled with their Jewish heritage and newfound life in Christ. Lindsey offers first-time, as well as seasoned, readers of the Book of Galatians an invaluable window into Paul’s wisdom that ‘for freedom Christ has set us free’ and provides us with tangible ways that we can also stand firm in faith.

—David Forney, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA


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