Accessible Theology

I have a passion for Christian education for adults. It’s also my calling. That’s why I specialize in short-term educational events for adults. They include study courses, lecture series, workshops, and retreats. In these various programs I try to help people with no theological education to access the riches available to them in what I regard as the spacious faith tradition of Christianity.

My ministry operates on the belief that a solid Christian education program for adults is the foundation for a church’s wider educational ministry. I believe this for several reasons:

  • Good educational programs enable adults who dropped their religious education with confirmation or high school graduation an opportunity to grow into a more mature faith and understanding of their faith.
  • Good educational programs help correct misperceptions of what Christianity is all about. These misperceptions often result from inadequate education or bad experiences in the church as youth.
  • Good educational programs expose adults to the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition. I mean not just Bible and doctrine, but also worship practices, ethics, and spiritual disciplines–everything that composes what we call the Christian Way of Life.
  • Good educational programs prepare adults to better model the faith for children and young people in the church. Educated believers best transmit the faith onto future generations.

If you would like to explore holding some educational programs for adults in your church, I would be happy to talk with you. We can explore what we might do together to give your adults a richer educational experience.

Gordon, you stand out alone and above every teacher I ever had during my 12 years of undergraduate and graduate university science and legal education, and subsequent innumerable seminars, training meetings, etc. You are by far the best teacher I have ever known, and I have known many. 

— Bob Wallace, Retired Executive, General Motors Co. , Novi, Michigan