Christian Educator/Author/Christian Minister


  • Christian Education: Gordon’s mission and joy are adult education. He especially strives to make theology accessible to the non-theologically-educated. He specializes in the Bible.

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• Writing: As an experienced writer, editor, and speech writer, Gordon has served in both corporate and church settings. He has published three books. His blog on the Bible draws readership from 115 countries.

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  • Christian Ministry: An ordained minister, Gordon has served as both a pastor and ruling elder in Presbyterian churches. He is a frequently requested supply preacher.

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Gordon, you stand out alone and above every teacher I ever had during my 12 years of undergraduate and graduate university science and legal education, and subsequent innumerable seminars, training meetings, etc. You are by far the best teacher I have ever known, and I have known many. 

— Bob Wallace, Retired Executive, General Motors Co. , Novi, Michigan